Can Realtors Use Text Message Marketing?

With the changing of the atmosphere in text messaging space and the changing of the laws, most realtors wonder if it is still ok to send SMS to potential customers.

Sending text message coupons for real estate deals has changed the game. But since the CAN-SPAM Act, it is illegal for businesses to send non-solicited messages. So, can realtors still use services like Textedly to reach out and increase their sales?

Here is what realtors need to know!

How To Keep Your Real Estate Company Out Of Trouble When Using Sms Marketing

The obvious fix for any problem is to ask for the potential customer’s consent before sending them text message coupons or other marketing material via SMS. But not every company collects that consent in the proper way, which can lead to legal issues.

Compared to other marketing strategies, text messaging yields the best results and is super inexpensive. So, most businesses are eager to jump in and send as many messages as they can. In detail, most realtors flocked to SMS marketing because it was the fastest way to get more investors involved. But some of them did not comply with the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), and some still do.

Here are some of the rules realtors can break if they do not rely on professional providers:

  • Scheduling texts at the wrong time. In short, do not set the time for delivery during lunch, dinner, or sleep hours.
  • Sending out messages without a valid cell phone number. (Besides, what if the customers want to reply and ask for more info on your text message coupons?)
  • Using lists that you did not create by collecting the customer’s consent.

Sending Text Message Coupons Safely For Bigger Profits

The fines went up to ten thousand dollars per violation. So, even if you send a couple of text messages to somebody you should not have contacted, you will have to face two separate violations with a fine of up to ten thousand dollars apiece.

Now that I have your full attention, let’s clarify how to send text message coupons safely.

Here are some practical ideas that proved to be just perfect:

  • Create a separate landing page to collect the customers’ consent.
  • Partner up with other professionals and companies and let them do the collecting.
  • Sponsor some local events and have people sign up for your text message coupons or to receive info on the properties they want. (Of course, you can and should create more lists to target each type of customer differently.)