Are you a good candidate for back surgery?

if you’re currently suffering from back pain, you may have considered speaking to your doctor about back surgery. Up to this point, you might not have even gone to the doctor about your back pain because you may be worried about being told that you have to do a surgery.

It’s always best to speak to a back doctor about any pain that you’re experiencing. You could be a good candidate for surgery and there can also be other non-surgical methods that your doctor could use to alleviate pain.

Why might your back doctor not want to use surgery in your case?

Doctors do not often recommend surgery as the first option for dealing with back pain. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that surgery always carries a level of risk.

In addition, surgery often requires time for recuperation. There are many methods for treating back pain that do not require you to spend time away from work or in the hospital and a doctor at can discuss these with you.

There are some surgical alternatives which may not be suitable for you because of injuries that you’ve had in the past. If you’ve done a particular type of surgery before, this may also increase your risk if you pursue specific options now. Your doctor will help you to find the treatment that can restore normal sensation in your arms and legs.

When are you not a good candidate for back surgery?

You’re usually not a good candidate for back surgery if your back pain is caused by something temporary. For example, women usually experience pain during pregnancy as their body has to carry a baby. This type of back pain is not permanent and usually goes away after their baby has been delivered.

When are you a good candidate for spine surgery?

You’re usually considered a good candidate for spine surgery if you’re suffering from chronic back pain. If you’ve already tried medication and it hasn’t worked, your specialist may suggest back surgery. Similarly, if physiotherapy and other related types of treatments haven’t worked to any degree to alleviate your pain, you may be a good candidate for back surgery.

If your doctor has run diagnostic tests and they’ve found that you are suffering from stenosis or a herniated disc, they may recommend spine surgery to you. Generally, a fairly straightforward procedure can be done to help with this type of pain, preventing further damage to your back and other parts of your body.