When Do You Need a Tax Attorney

Taking into account constant legislative changes, and the universal obligation to pay taxes, tax law is the most demanded and relevant area of ​​activity among all legal services. This area includes not only work with tax authorities but also representing the interests of individuals and companies in the economic sphere, regardless of their type of activity.

Consulting a tax attorney is a legal service that is relevant not only for a novice entrepreneur but also for an experienced accountant.

When you may need a tax attorney

Accounting knowledge alone is often not enough to resolve a tax issue. It is required to know all the laws and regulations related to tax legislation, to be aware of the latest changes in this area, to track the tendency of litigation, to have practical experience in applying knowledge in practice in solving tax issues of any specificity.

Consultation may be needed if:

  • a planned or unscheduled tax audit has been initiated against your company or entrepreneur;
  • you have received a request from the tax authority;
  • you have been charged additional tax liabilities or penalties;
  • it is necessary to develop a strategy for the legal minimization of tax payments;
  • it is necessary to choose the optimal business model from the taxation point of view.

When making a consultation, a tax attorney takes into account the problems that business entities may face in the future. Therefore, when conducting consultations, we pay attention not only to solving the problems that have arisen but also to preventing the emergence of new ones.

Note that the effectiveness of resolving issues in the field of tax legislation largely depends on the qualifications and experience of a lawyer.

You can easily find the team of tax attorneys of the law firm on the website dallolawgroup.com. They have many years of successful professional experience in the field of tax law, which allows you to achieve the expected results when appealing against decisions of tax authorities in court, as well as to minimize tax risks for the client.

Tax attorneys can provide the following tax advice:

  • Consultation on starting a business, selecting a taxation system, defining a business model.
  • Tax audit – analysis of the company’s activities, identification of tax risks.
  • When making contractual work, we provide tax consultations, the purpose of which is to reduce risks for the company’s activities with counterparties.
  • Assistance in compiling responses to a tax request.
  • Providing legal support for business, ongoing legal assistance on tax issues of any complexity.
  • Representing the client’s interests in resolving tax disputes in court.
  • Consultation on preparation for a tax audit. If you have doubts and want to get by with minimal risks, then our lawyer will help you with this.