What Can The Health Experts Do For You?

There are millions of people who need a Urologist and yet are not aware of it. Urologists deal with a wealth of diseases that can affect your everyday life. As your body ages, there are conditions that are actually quite common in a society where you will need to find a great Urologist that suits you. AZ Urology is a great choice for needed services. no matter your gender or age.

AZ Urology offers male services that include: Peyronis, male infertility, testicular cancer, vasectomy reversal, prostate disease, prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction and vasectomies. We also offer female incontinence, female urology services and general urology services including bladder cancer, hematuria and kidney stones.

AZ Urology takes pride in offering complete urology services in the valley area of Phoenix, Arizona and on the campus of The John C Lincoln Honor Health Hospital. We have been in business since 1964 and take your health seriously when it comes to many of these diseases that if not taken care of, could lead to death.

At the head of the realm of AZ Urology is Dr. James Fishman. Recognized as one of the top three Urologists in the Phoenix area, Dr. Fishman has also been awarded with The Phoenix Magazine Top Doc Award and the Patient’s Choice Award. He is certified by the American Board of Urology. Many of Dr. Fishman’s patients speak on how well they were treated while receiving services at AZ Urology. Patients stated they felt listened to and that the doctors understood them when coming into the office.

Everything can be done online at AZ Urology. Patients are asked to fill out patient registration online forms and bring the information with them for their first visit. We work hard to make sure that you are more than pleased without Urology services and that you are taken care of in a professional and efficient manner.

You are welcome to call and talk to us about your symptoms so that we can get you in for an initial assessment. Knowing your medical history will be very important as well, so if you are on medications, make sure and let your representative or nurse know. You may also want to bring your medication with you along with your patient registration form on your first visit. This will help us serve you with as much information as possible.