How To Safely Counteract the Side Effects of Fluoroquinolones

Fluoroquinolones are a class of antibiotics that doctors typically prescribe for the treatment of skin infections pneumonia, bone or joint infections. urinary tract infections, sinusitis, and other bacterial infections. However, the FDA has warned about the serious side effects of fluoroquinolones, which include ciprofloxacin (Cipro), levofloxacin ( Levaquin), Norfloxacin ( Noroxin), even when administered for short periods of time. These side effects can range from moderate to disabling and potentially permanent if proper treatment aimed at rebuilding the mitochondria is not received in due time.

These antibiotics have been found to adversely impact the tendons, joints, muscles, and the central nervous system, including the brain. A condition called peripheral neuropathy that can lead to potentially irreversible nerve damage and has been listed by the FDA as an adverse effect of fluoroquinolones since 2004. Peripheral neuropathy usually affects the arms and legs, with symptoms such as shooting pain, tingling, and numbness. People who take fluoroquinolones typically start experiencing these symptoms within just a few days of using the antibiotic, either orally or by injection. Even worse, nerve damage may last for months after you’ve stopped taking the antibiotic, or even be potentially permanent.

Conventional medicine doctors usually prescribe corticosteroids for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy, and these drugs have a very long list of side effects. Furthermore, corticosteroids, as anti-inflammatory drugs, may only improve the symptoms but they cannot stop or undo nerve damage. The only safe and at once effective options for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy caused the by use of fluoroquinolones are regenerative medicine therapies. These include stem cell therapies, platelet-rich therapies, and many more that are aimed at regenerating the mitochondria of your body.

Be advised that the sooner the mitochondrial damage to your nerves is sopped, the better the chances to recover completely. When you’re suffering from peripheral neuropathy or other conditions caused by fluoroquinolones, it’s in your best interest to seek the services provided by a reputable and experienced regenerative medicine specialist who offers comprehensive care. as soon as possible after you’ve used Cipro or any other harmful antibiotics.

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