How To Find Government Benefits Available To You

If you are struggling financially because your income has recently decreased or for other reasons, then you can take advantage of a suite of state and federal government benefits that you may be eligible for, to help reduce your financial burden. You can find a complete list of these benefits programs on United Way’s official website, where you can also use the popular benefits finder tool brought to you in collaboration with Benefit Kitchen. This benefits finder tool is easy to use and you can immediately find out what benefits you qualify for. In addition, you will also get an estimate of the amount of money you could receive on a monthly basis per benefit.

Some of these benefits programs include basic needs and food benefits such as School Meals, CalWorks, Food Stamps, and Supplemental Nutrition for Women and Children ( WIC), benefits to help you with your utility bills through programs such as Lifeline and HEAP, support for students and financial assistance for childcare through Head Start and other education benefits programs, as well as free but quality healthcare through ACA Obamacare programs Covered California and Medi-Cal. To discover which of these benefits programs are available to you, feel free to access ekscalifornia .org and click on Explore Your Options to use the benefits finder tool.

Eligibility for these benefits is primarily determined by your income level, your age, and your family size. Some of the benefits programs have additional eligibility criteria such as citizenship, assets, and resources. Free tax filing may also be available to you through an IRS Free File ( fillable forms or software) or a My Free Taxes Specialist and your eligibility will depend on your income level. For more information on how to file your taxes for free and when to file your free taxes, you can visit ekscalifornia .org and click on the menu at the top of the homepage and then choose Free Tax Filing under “Programs”.

To learn more about how this helpful and popular benefits finder tool works, feel free to visit United Way’s website ekscalifornia .org and click on “Click Here” under the tab Explore Your Options. You will then be taken through a sign-in portal, where you can instantly sign in using your Google account to start using the benefits finder tool. To discover the benefits that you are eligible for, you will have to answer several questions. The site will then display a list of all benefits available to you and the estimated monthly assistance you could receive for each benefits program.