Easy to Make Chicken Cacciatore

Many Italian restaurants and home cooks feature chicken cacciatore as one of their premier dishes. Although it can be prepared in various ways, “cacciatore”, a word that means “hunter” in Italian, refers to a style of cooking that usually includes bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and sometimes wine. It is a dish that you can easily tailor to fit your own tastes.

The traditional recipe is quite simple to prepare. Cooks usually heat olive oil in a skillet and sear seasoned chicken parts for a few minutes on each side. After removing the meat from the skillet, vegetables are fried in the oil. Tomatoes and seasonings are added, and the chicken is then placed back in the pot. The preparation is covered and simmered for about an hour. It is generally served with pasta or bread.

When compared to cooking old-fashioned tomato sauce that is often simmered on very low heat for an entire day, the process of making chicken cacciatore is relatively fast. However, today’s harried moms, dads and young professionals often need to make a meal more quickly. Fortunately, the modern pressure cooker has come to the rescue.

Don’t panic: It’s not the hissingly scary time bomb that may have graced your mother’s kitchen. Today’s appliances are easy to use and have locking mechanisms that prevent the pressure from being released accidentally. They can cut the cooking time of pressure cooker chicken cacciatore by about two-thirds without sacrificing any of the delicious flavor. If anything, this preparation technique allows for a more savory and concentrated sauce.

Chicken cacciatore is a yummy and hardy part of any delicious Italian feast. Serve it with rice, pasta or fresh bread for just the right finishing touch. We guarantee that even the most particular traditional chef will love what you have made.