About California Worker’s Compensation

About California Worker’s Compensation

Jobs play an important role in the quality of our lives and the lives of our family members. Work often determines where we live, how much time we can spend with our families and how much money we make. They also require our time, commitment and expertise in return for an income and a certain level of security.

One form of security that a company provides for the people who keep it running is worker’s compensation. Because there are thousands of people injured, and even killed, on the job every year, every state has its own worker’s compensation program. Employers are required to carry some form of compensation insurance, but the requirements they must meet can vary drastically from state to state.

As one of the most industrialized and populated states in the country, California provides a compensation program that affects a large number of workers. People are naturally drawn to the beautiful landscape and booming economy that California offers, but many of the jobs available in the state, such as flying, fishing, farming, truck driving, mining and iron working, fall under the category of the 10 most dangerous occupations. Consequently, learning about the process of claiming adequate California worker’s compensation is wise if you live and work in the state.

Most individuals move smoothly through life without ever encountering catastrophes on the job, but accidents and injuries can occur in even the safest working environments. So employees need to know the steps to take when a potential accident occurs. After obtaining the proper medical attention to treat your injury, make sure that you report the injury and circumstances connected with the event to your employer.

This must be done in a timely manner. Trying to report an injury weeks, months or years after it occurred will not lead to any compensation. An injured worked usually has a couple of days to report any injuries after an accident occurs if they want to be compensated accordingly, says dylan marsh from Arnold’s law Firm.

Next to reporting the injury, keeping good records is the second most important step employees can take in acquiring the proper compensation. Try to record information like the time and date of the accident, the events that took place at that time and nature of the injury. Your employer should provide you with a WC Claim Form to fill out and he or she should file an accident report as well.

If you encounter any trouble or delays, experts like the ones you find at Workers Comp SD can help guide you through the compensation process and work to make sure your rights are protected. Compensation laws can be complicated and subject to change so workers tend to be more successful at obtaining compensation when they enlist the help of attorneys with specialized knowledge in the field, says amy eades from a law Attorney. 

Hopefully, you and your loved ones will never be injured or killed on the job, but if it ever happens, you will know the first steps to take and there are experienced attorneys nearby to help guide you through the legalities.

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